Flying Club Events

Flying Club events are coming soon! We highly recommend Club pilots to use the fleet for our regular UK317 ATC live sessions held every Wednesday. 

Latest News

All members now entitled to private aircraft for commuting. 

Request your personal aircraft with Owen!

Thruxton scenery upgrade now available!

Scenery built by UK317, an upgrade to our flying club base. 

Decathlon now available at Thruxton!

All club flyers must undertake the tailwheel conversion to fly solo. 

Flying Club FAQ's

You do not need to sign up to the flying club. However you will need to be a member of Western Air Virtual to file PIREP’s for the Flying Club.

You can fly for the Flying Club the same way you fly for the Virtual Airline using SIM ACARS. There are shedules that can be booked in the booking system for pre deturmined routes. However you can charter flights using SIM ACARS to a destination of your choice.

The Flying Club is based at Thruxton EGHO TX. Thruxton is where Western AIr Virtual was origonaly based. You can charter aroung the UK wherever you so please but the aircraft will need to be returned to its base at Thruxton.

Yes any flight will count towards the minimum one flight per calender month as long as the flight was recorded using SIM ACAR’s and the PIREP was approved. 

Both the Flying Club and Virtual Airline Ranking systems are combined. Weather you build hours with either you will climb our Ranking system. 

You can only fly an aircraft type that you have been certified to fly. Generally speaking if a new member decideds that they want to take advantage of the Flying Club then they will almost defiantly be certified to fly a C172, PA28 and Baron58. Pilots will not be a ble to fly our decathlon until some sort of training has taken place. 

Helicoptors are not yet part of the Flying Club. This feature is coming soon. 

You can book our TX-CIRC flight pacifically designed for such flights. Pilots are able to perform circuits at Thruxton upto one hours flying time. Pilots can also carry out a touch and go at one other airport other that the destination intended. Please do not end the flight within SIM ACARS until the destination has been reached and engines have been shut dowm. 

Yes,  you can fly one of our Club fleet to ferry yourself around our Virtual Airline Hubs. Bookable routes are available from Thruxton to our other Hubs . However using our Club fleet to fly from one Airline Hub to another will need to be Chartered.