Welcome To Western Air Virtual Airline

We are a UK based virtual airline providing what we believe to be a calm friendly envirement welcoming folke from all nations. At Western Air Virtual we carefully select our hubs and take into consideration real routes from real airlines flying from that very hub. We have fleet dedicated to those routes and are airline pacific. Below are a few further details and features.

  • 3 UK Hubs
  • 4 Airlines
  • 185 Routes
  • Realistic Maintence Schedules
  • FSX and Prepared3D supported
  • Route Booking System
  • Internal Messaging System

Flight and Pirep Rules

For a pirep to me validated all flights carried out must comply with the Flight and Pirep Rules stated below. Western Air understand that accidents take place on occasion and we do accomodate for all levels of experience. 



Scheduled & Charter Routes

Scheduled routes must be used over Charter 

Simulation Rate

x1 must be used

Landing Rate

Less than -1500 fpm 

Slew Mode

Slewing is not permitted


Overspeeds should be rectified quickly and must be avoided


Stalls are not permited in jet types

Members are urged to comply with our rules where possible. Not complying may result in a pirep being rejected. All pireps are examined before approval. 


VA Pilots


Total Fleet


VA Hubs


Available Routes