Thruxton EGHO TX

Thruxton is situated just off the A303 approximately 5 miles west of Andover on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border. We provide a virtual Private Pilots License and Flying club like experience. The airfield boasts both grass and asphalt runways so we are not too hampered in the winter. Members have the option to simply enjoy our routes available or take full advantage of our simulated flight training.


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  Key Details

Name                                    Thruxton

ICAO                                      EGHO

IATA                                       TX

Latitude                                 N51 12.38

Longitude                             W001 30.00

Elevation                               319 ft AMSL

  Airfield Information

Visiting Pilots: Please DO NOT Overfly our neighbours at low level!
When departing the airfield please respect our noise abatement policy and where possible fly straight for 1mile before turning (runways 07 or 25, runway 12 or 30)
Where reported (with supporting evidence); any blatant or repetitive incidents may result in a ban from the Airfield.

Thruxton (ICAO: EGHO) is located 5nm west of Andover

RW25/07 Asphalt 770x23mtrs, RW 30/12 Grass 750x31mtrs

Circuits are flown at 1000′ agl. Circuit direction is (L07 & R25), (R12 & L30) 

Our tower call sign is ‘Thruxton Radio’ on frequency 118.280MHz.

RW25/07 Asphalt 770x23mtrs, RW 30/12 Grass 750x31mtrs. Fuel 100ll, JET A1 Thruxton Radio 118.280!

Thruxton airport is situated 5 miles west of Andover just off the A303. There is one hard runway and a grass runway situated inside the Thruxton Race Circuit.  Having the benefit of a hard runway there is never a problem getting in and out of Thruxton – however long or however hard it rains  – so it is ideal as a base, particularly for heavier twin engined aircraft.  We have an extension to the runway up to 820mtrs.



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  Circuit Map

  Circuit Information

  • 07 LH, 25 RH, 12 RH, 30LH. 
  • Unless otherwise advised by A/G, all circuit heights are 800ft QFE on weekdays or 1000ft QFE after 1700 GMT and weekends. 
  • No deadside on 07/25 due to helicopters on south side.
  • 07/25 downwind leg must be to the north of KimptonVillage and the large new house. 
  • Avoid overflying red hatched areas as shown in the image. 
  • Overhead joins preffered.

  Noise Abatement Procedures

  • Aircraft are to be operated in a manner to cause least disturbance in areas surrounding the aerodrome.
  •  The nominal circuits shown in the image are required to avoid noise sensitive areas.
  • All departures from runway 07 should turn right at the aerodrome boundary to maintain a track of 080 degrees (MAG) until clear of the village of Flyfield.