Welcome To Western Air Flying Club

Western Air – has lots to offer club members that want to learn or members that just want to fly! 

We are a small, friendly virtual flying club with a relaxed but nevertheless professional attitude to flight training. We have been here since 2012!

Our instructors have many years experience and will guide you through any training that you choose to undertake with us.

About Our Club

We provide virtual training for both experienced pilots and beginners alike. 

Our dedicated team of instructors have many hours of virtual and real world flying experience. They will guide you through your virtual training at your own pace.

To take advantage of our training, pilots must be a member of Western Air Virtual.


Head of Training

Owen S: PPL, IMC, Multi, Night, Aerobatics, Tail Wheel, ATC, Examiner

Other Instructors

Derek H: RT, ATC, Radio Navigation