Listed here are the policies and rules for the use of the Western Air Virtual and UK-317 TeamSpeak server. All members and guests are expected to follow these rules and policies which are as follows.

  1. Presence in TeamSpeak.
    • Western Air and UK-317 members are encouraged to use our TeamSpeak server whenever they are online. We are not just a virtual airline so even if you are playing something completely different you should still hop into the TeamSpeak server as someone else might want to join you.
    • All members participating in an event are required to be in the TeamSpeak server. This allows us to coordinate better with each other and with ATC for UK-317 or any other groups for whatever game the event might be in.
  2. AFK rooms and AFK times.
    • There are 2 inactivity rooms on the TS server. The quiet room is designed to be used for when you are still at your pc, but just want to have some peace and quiet. Being in this room vs the AFK room means that other members can still reach you via private message or poke if needed.
    • The second room is the AFK room, this room is designed for if you are going to be AFK for short periods of time, up to 30 minutes.
    • If you are going to be AFK for more than 30 minutes, please disconnect from the server. We currently have limited slots so please don’t take any of them up by being AFK for longer than 30 minutes.
  3. Manners.
    • No rude behavior, rude comments or vulgar language will be tolerated in the general area of the TS server. Apologize if a swear word slips out as accidents do happen. However patterns of abusive bad behavior will not be tolerated and will be treated appropriately.
    • Harassment or abuse of any kind of not tolerated, and will be treated appropriately.
    • Any action taken against a member or guest will be dealt with a first and only warning no matter what the behavior. After that you will be kicked from the server. If your behavior continues after this, or is extremely bad then you will be banned from the TeamSpeak server and if you are a member you will be removed from the VA.
  4. Voice Activation.
    • Voice activation is allowed, but please ensure you have a way to easily mute your mic and ensure your voice activation gate is set correctly. We appreciated that mistakes happen and you may forget to mute your mic while on voice activation, but please be considerate of others.
    • If asked by a member of staff or a senior member, you must switch back to push to talk. If you do not comply after multiple requests without a valid reason, action will be taken against you.
  5. Politics and religion discussion on TeamSpeak.
    • Politics, religion and other potentially volatile topics are allowed, but if at any time ANY member OR guest asks you to stop you must comply, or move your discussion to a different channel.
  6. TeamSpeak nicknames.
    • All members must use the format of First name Last name – VA-Callsign when on TeamSpeak.
    • Guests are permitted to use any name they prefer, but real names are preferred.
    • Please try to keep the number of duplicate clients to a minimum, i.e. if you use multiple computers then try and copy your profile from one computer to the others.
  7. Guests on the Server
    • Guests are allowed on our server at the invitation from a current member of the VA.
    • We reserve the right to remove anyone from the server for any reasons that senior members and staff agree on.