Established in 2012 Western Air Virtual is a Virtual Airline Supporting Flight Simulation.

Looking for a fun realistic virtual airline then you have come to the right place. No politics just fun and flying. 

Airline Assets


Latest News

aurigney news

Aurigny’s Guernsey Airlines comming to a hub near you soon. 

29 May 2020 – We open Guernsey for flight to the UK!

tui news

TUI 787-900 now available for flight from EGBB, EGGD and EGNX. 

25 May 2020 – TUI opens our new HUB EGBB!

dhl news

DHL now available from Our leading HUB East Midlands. 

15 May 2020 – Fly the DHL 757 and 777 Frieght Aircraft!

Western Air Flying Club

Western Air – has lots to offer club members that want to learn or members that just want to fly! 

We are a small, friendly virtual flying club with a relaxed but nevertheless professional attitude to flight training. We have been here since 2012!  Our instructors have many years experience and will guide you through any training that you choose to undertake with us.

Cargo Flights 

Try our cargo flights from East Midlands EGNX! 

We simulate DHL out of East Midlands using there very own 757 and 777 frieght aircraft. This brings a different experience to flying. Swap passangers for cargo and generate high leves of  income in to the airline carrying tonnes of valuable cargo.