Western Air Virtual Airline & Flying Club

Here at Western Air Virtual we make it our sole purpose to mentor, educate and have fun.  We offer a wide range of flying types including virtual airline hour building to many destinations across the world.

Management provide a non-politics atmosphere, whilst we remain professional we also have great fun but remain educational at all times.  The airline provides the ability for our virtual pilots to fly with flexibility.  We listen to our members to be sure we remain top of the leader board when it comes to experience, fun and leadership.

Western Air provides basic and advanced training to all levels required by our members.  We promise that you will find our free tuition above board and to a high standard.  Western Air has its very own training department here and we hope you take full advantage of it.

Our Features


We have a dedicated team to keep our simulated real world routes upto date and in schedule with there associated fleet

Flight Tracking

We track all our flights with our own custom Acars system called Sim ACARS

Training Team

Our Training Team consists of real world pilots and enthusiasts and they are always happy to help

VA Partnerships

The UK317 server provides a United Kingdom based FSX Multiplayer scenario with occasional ATC coverage.  UK317 has no specific theme other than free flight in and around the UK. So long as fair play, good manners, flexibility, and common sense prevail anyone can use UK317, either as pilot or controller, regardless of ability, anywhere they want. Every three weeks the server rotates a time offset system to permit day or night flying at times more convenient to the majority of players.


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